Athletics is an exclusive collection of sporting events that involve competitive running, jumping, throwing, and walking.
Lucknow is not able to provide National or International Athletes, at present, due to lack in basic infrastructures.
Athletics is the major sporting event which takes place in each and every school in Lucknow and no doubt that there are hidden talents which need to be scouted, guided and encouraged.
Coaches, grounds, standard equipments, individual athletic kits and proper nourishments are required for the complete grooming of kids at the right age to make them stand before the World as Athlete.
Most of the kids who are talented do not have ample resources to afford these basic necessity and the right guidance .
The discipline of Athletics in the State is being pursued for the sole purpose of securing employment in the Governments Sectors and not as a competitive sport in itself.

Vibha Singh – Athletics (8756585259)

Born and raised in Varanasi Vibha Singh was enamoured by sports when she was a very young child and recalls trying to learn by watching sports on television. Through her formative years in school she participated and trained in multiple sports. She was enrolled in CIGRA Stadium and coached by Ashok Sonkar. Down the line she got selected in Sports Authority India SAI in 2010 and was trained there by Coach Nirmal Kumar Shahi. Vibha then pursued BPED from NSNIS.

Coach Vibha Singh was posted in Shahi Nagar Sports Stadium, Fatehpur in 2015 for 2 years post which she has been successfully coaching trainees in athletics at K.D.Singh Stadium in Lucknow till the present day. She insists that parental support is imperative and needed for young children aspiring to become sportsmen. Vibha also points out that that success in any sport depends on continuity of practice, patience and discipline.

Coach Vibha says,” In order to produce well trained athletes, frequent transfer of coaches should be avoided, as they are unable to stay with the trainee for a long enough time.”
She also boosts her trainees saying,” Be extremely passionate but never let losses affect you.”

Coach Vibha has coached winning players like Vijya Kumar – International 100 meters who also works in CISF as well as Kavita Patel -National 5 kilometres who works in Indian Railways.

Mohd Adil Ahmad(Athletics) 9792303727

Being self enthused about Sports ,Mr Adil Started practicing at the age of 11-12 under guidance of Shashi Pal Singh,his then coach. He has accomplishments in all- District,Regional,State as well as India level..He also represented India in the 1990s.He was appointed as a Sales tax(LDC) in the year 1992. He adds that devotion of a player is extremely necessary to succeed.Prohibition of mobile phones should be made compulsory . “Choose your Sports according to your physique”, he adds and also emphasizes on the coach’s role in the guidance of a student. He currently assists as a coach in Chowk stadium from last 3 years.

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K. D. Singh Babu Stadium Hazratganj 91 84000 40086 morning : 06am to 09am , evening : 04pm to 07pm 150-200 Rs.only
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