Hockey – the pride that used to be …
The greatest hockey player of all times Major Dhyanchand belonged to the state of Uttar Pradesh. The State has also given the nation a lot of prominent players like K.D. Singh, Mohd. Shahid, Syed Ali etc.
Till the late 1980’s one can see number of hockey clubs flourishing all over the city of Lucknow. However, in present time the face of hockey has disappeared from the city.
The introduction of Premier Hockey League has brought a new life to the discipline of Hockey.
Project Ashwamegh Srijan intends to infuse fresh breath of life to the discipline of Hockey in the city amongst the youth.

Jai Shanker Dubey – Hockey(9616577266)

Coach Jai Shanker Dubey is an ardent sportsperson and renowned Hockey coach from Gorakhpur. From a very early age he picked up multiple sports and had a dream to achieve greatness in sports. He soon developed a passion for Hockey and with dedicated practice and training he went on to play at State level from Gorakhpur as well as competed 20 times at National level.

He later won Bronze medal at the Senior National Hockey Tournament in Nasik. Jai Shankar also continued to play at University level too. He has played and coached for Sports Authority India SAI for 7 years in Gujarat, and 3 months in Bhopal and Gandhinagar respectively. He then coached Hockey for 2 and a half years in OTHL and 2 years in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Delhi. He now coaches at K.D.Singh Stadium, Lucknow.

Coach Jai Shankar says, “To be successful, players should be multi-talented; they need to love the sport and be aggressive in the game.” He continues, ” Sportsmen play fearlessly and give their best till the game is over.” The best advice he has to give to budding sportspersons out there is, ” Love your sport, decide what you want to do with it in life and don’t stop after that.”

Some winning players coached by Jai Shankar Dubey are:
Prashant Chauhan and Gopi Sonkar (Youth Olympic), Vikas Gaur (School India) along with 6 players of Khelo India, hockey team and 3 players in the Senior National Championship.

Virendra Bahadur Singh – Hockey(8127468188)

A renowned international Hockey Player and first Indian World Hockey Umpire (Grade one) Virendra Bahadur Singh is a leading coach of the sport in Lucknow. Born in Gorakhpur, his family moved to Lucknow in the 70’s. His initial schooling took place in Ramadin Singh Inter College where he was commended for his excellence in Hockey given that he was merely a schoolboy then.

Virendra was then trained by Ram Avtar Mishra, a distinguished hockey coach of that era, underwent training in Sports Hostel in 1972. He was then actually trained by K.D.Singh Babu!

Post this Virendra was on a roll, from 1973 onwards, he played Junior and Senior National and School National. His winning performance landed him a place in the U.P Hockey Team in 1975. He went on to win at the Trades Cup Nainital, the Tiger of Bengal Award in Domestic Hockey at Brighton in 1978. In 1979 Virendra worked in the FCI, Indian Railways briefly and in 1980 he joined Indian Airlines.

However, he was soon selected to play for the Indian Hockey Team and won numerous medals and awards for our country. Though he remained an employee of Indian Airlines and has also played on their Hockey team. Some very significant feathers in his cap are:
World Cup Hockey top 25 selection standby in 1981.
Played on Indian team Tour of Malaysia, Singapore and Bangkok in 1981.
European Club Championship in Yugoslavia, Sweden, Austria, Denmark from 1982-88.
Played for India 7 times in a row in 1984
Tour of U.S.S.R. in 1984
Played all senior level matches through Indian Airlines from 1983-1995.
Played in Holland Cup in 1985.
Played in ECC in Yugoslavia from 1990-95. He also played in France Kenya, Spain and Pakistan.

Coach Virendra is now retired from the airlines but fervently supports the sports fraternity and is at present an active member of the Nehru Hockey Society, New Delhi. He has been honoured with the Khel Ratna Award as well as Life Time Achievement Award for his infallible contribution to Hockey and our nation.

Coach Virendra says, “Listen to your coach, your game will improve day by day.” He also reiterates, “Maintaining discipline on and off the practice ground makes you learn from your mistakes both sides. The key is to remain focussed, stay fit and manage time.”

Devendra Singh Bhandari(9838831300)

Born in Almora and brought up in Lucknow since 1955, Mr. Bhandari started athletics initially in his 6 th standard .He claims that every starter in Sports should focus on becoming an athlete initially as his fitness reaches to it optimum after which he can easily choose a Sport which suits the best.
He started playing Hockey in 7 th standard while studying in Queens College after which he got selected in Sports Hostel in 1972.This is from where his journey begun. His first match was Junior Nehru tournament In Delhi, where his team emerged victorious. Then happened Junior National in 1975,1976 after which he became the Captain of the UP Hockey team. His team played many nationals till 1981 under his Captaincy ,after which in 1981-82 he played 2 super Nationals for preparing Asiad(Inter zonal Wills trophy) .He also was a runner-up in the 1982 match.He achieved Best Defender Award(All India Dhyanchand Tournament) 1979,played his first India camp in 1979, others being Osco Olympic 1980, Asian Champions trophy(Karachi), Malaysian tour of All India State bank (1984), National Hockey in 2000-01, World Hockey Champions Trophy 2005, 3 Nationals for Bengal(1985-86).
He is the first person In Uttar Pradesh to become a National Umpire (2001-2006) and also served as an International Umpire till 2006.
“Determination”, he says,”is the most important discipline one must inculcate. Coaches should motivate often their children on the ground. The foundation of Sport is build in the formative years in Schools at 8-10 years of age. Sports should be initiated as a motivation and should be made compulsory.”

Kanhaiya Lal(Hockey) (9415785980)

A student of Ramadhin Inter college, Mr Kanhaiya started practicing Football since class 6 th and very soon became a city club player, which was considered to be best team then .He also got job in the Postal Department through the Sports quota. Some of his best tournaments during his tenure are namely Junior National(1980),Junior National Assam(1982),All India postal Tournament(1990-2018, where he played at various places like Calcutta,Kashmir,Assam,Bangalore,Kerala), Tilotama Gold cup(1988). He became the Secretary to District Football Association in the year 2000, which was a milestone in his career . He adds that time management proper training, stamina ,strength ,fitness etc play a crucial role in one’s success.He believes the teams of Uttar Pradesh can do very well if supported properly. Misguidance of children should be stopped for personal profit. Students should be supported enough so that they can survive through tough times. Effective scholarships should be given to those who have a good future in Sports.
Many boys and girls trained under him are performing well
Boys- Manoj Taman, Pradeep Kumar, Vineet Kumar(International)
J P Yadav, Anil Kumar, Sujaat Ali ,Arshad Khan(National)
Girls – Raina Seth, Anjali Yadav, Sapna Singh

Shakeel Ahmad Khan(Hockey)

Born in Etawah, Mr Shakeel Ahmad is one of the renowned personlalities in Hockey.He completed his Graduation from Lucknow University and soon bought laurels to the state through his marvelous performances in the sport. He was appointed as the Senior Head for The airport management in Air India, To mention some of his achievements,
International – Olympic Games ,Barcelona ,Spain(1992), Sydney World Cup- Australia(1994),Asian Games 1990(Beijing,China),
He is a member of the Asian games Hockey team Nationals – Senior National Hockey Championship winner(1995) ,Senior National Hockey Championship ,1998,Hyderabad(Winner), Senior National Hockey Championship ,2000(Jammu) Winner

His other endless achievements include Indira Gandhi International tournament,Alpas Tournament, Sultan Ajlan Shah Tournament,Malaysia , 1991 ,Four Nation Hockey Tournament,Madrid(1994),Indo Belgium test series, Indo Germany test series ,India Great Britan test series ,India South Africa test series,etc and so on .He has also been a Captain to the National Hockey team and was awarded the ‘Yash Bharti “ award by then Chief Minsiter Mulayam Singh Yadav and has represented the team of Asia “”Asia XI” in the year 1994.

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