The Process

The process will involve inclusion of scientific methods in a number of phases.
Physical Motor Skill Cognitive Psycho social Training Methods
Reaching full maturity & Growth Specialized Phase, game specific. Refinement of formal operation Self centered Train technique & skill at match speed Small sided games to full squad practice Guided Coaching Inroduce physical conditioning
Stabilizing physical hormonal changes. Very adaptive Reaching full maturity very critical Coach individual & group tactics (block or line) longer more intensive playing & training time Sufficient rest for developing body
Increase in height & weight. Capable of abstract thoughts. Search for identity, peer pressure Training to compete
Unstable emotionally due to hormonal changes. Mental skills training
Seek independence
  • Kits: We propose to get basic kits to this kid for training and competing
  • Nutrition: Nutrition is key element of any sport we plan to give them basic sports nutrition training so that they can learn the importance of diet in their respective sports.
  • Medical and sports injury and recovery: Sports require constant medical screening and sports injury recovery we plan to set up a physiotherapy
  • Character Building: In today’s era competitive sports take its toll on the mental health of a sports man and there are too many distractions being encountered by a sports person. We plan to train them psychologically so that they are prepared before hand for any such eventuality
  • Coaching & Guidance: For any budding sports person its imperative to have a role model under whose able guidance and keen eyes their talent can be polished to shine through. We plan to bring ‘A’ class coaching to these kids by putting them under the guidance of such mentors who have already achieved greatness in their respective sports careers.
  • Training Facilities: To develop the sports skills of individual we intend to do tie-up with the National and International academies so that they can have exposure at the National & International Level and are ready to face the sports world.
  • Infrastructure : We have a dedicated a piece of Land X Bigha/Acre near Gomti Nagar for Developing infrastructure and traning facilities in form of a mini stadium with day and night facilities and setting up of class where theoretical knowledge and training can be provided to these kids.
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