The Coach With A Stealing Edge – Playing for Pride and Passion

Coach Hem Chandra Joshi is a Lucknow based seasoned football coach currently training young footballers in D.A.V. College. Coach Joshi started playing football in 1994 though soon got selected in Indian Navy. Hem Chandra took retirement from the forces in 2014 and returned to his hometown where he picked up his passion for the game once again and continues to ardently motivate and coach budding talents in football till date.

Hem Chandra is an ex-student of Lucknow Sports College after which he trained in Sainagar, Gujarat with four other of his batch mates from U.P. In 1997 they put together a strong football team for Gujarat with 11 of the best players from Uttar Pradesh. The team competed in the Schools National Football tournament in 1998 resulting in them bagging the 3rd position

He trained under 3 proficient football coaches who are all with the Indian Football Team, most importantly under Stanley Rosario who also coached for World Military Games.

Coach Joshi presently trains different age groups of kids and attributes various pivotal practices to each age group. For the under 13 yrs group he coaches them focussing on the grass root level and strengthening their basics in the sport. With the under 17 yrs players he focuses on tactics and technique of playing as well as endurance and strength. The under 23 yrs trainees are drilled with complete practice, fitness, strength and technique.

According to Coach Joshi, there are many quality players in our state but due to lack of thorough guidance and support from the football association they do not get the required exposure and upliftment necessary to excel in the game. There are 2 associations of football in the city, one is registered and the other is not. The non-registered association has proven to hold better tournaments with greater results yet it does not provide a future prospect for its winners. The registered association should organize more tournaments and give more professional support to the young players.

Hem Chandra has in his 9 years of football coaching churned out quite a number of National level winning young players. Some of them are:

Mohd. Imran from Banaras – Asian School Championship in Agra, represented India on 1st level

Rajneesh Rai – under 14 yrs category, represented U.P. at Schools Nationals.

Tushar Kaushik, Sheikh Mohd Anas, Avish Srivastava – under 17 yrs category, from DAV College, represented U.P. in Schools Nationals as well in Lucknow football league.

Abhishek Thapa, Deepesh Chauhan, Manish Chaudhary –  UP Football Sangh

Joshi points out that currently Mizoram is being called the ‘Hub of Football’ as the Mizo players painstakingly train and practice from grass root level all the way to the top. Every big sports club and sports academy around the nation presently have at least 5-6 Mizo players winning them laurels. It took them about 10 years of hard work and dedication toward the game to achieve their current success and recognition.

He goes on to say that, in spite of India having enough football academies and associations we still rank only at 97 globally in the sport. UPSF, District Football and UP Football Association should bring back and unite all the leading football sportsmen, veterans and coaches to all contribute to the need for apt guidance and training to the young talented players. This will empower the foundation of football and accelerate growth as well success amongst our budding talents. These accomplished trainers and experienced players have a lot to teach today’s generation of young players.

Joshi also indicates that, parents should pressurize their kids for sports and practicing on the grounds just as much as they get behind them to study their school syllabus. Parents are willing to invest in their children’s higher education like MBBS, MBA or Engineering to ensure their kids get good jobs with high paying packages. So then why not for sports? If parents put in that much money into 5-8 years of a sound sports education for the child, they will undoubtedly enjoy a thriving sports career which will in turn swoop the country up to towering heights of achievement in sports and international recognition.

Coach Joshi encourages youth saying that the goal should primarily be powered with the willingness and passion to play the game as well as to win laurels for the state along with self acclaim not for money. He states, “Always work hard and honestly, you don’t need any reference or fixes then. Excel with your own power.” “Play for pride, play for passion, Vande Mataram!”

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